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Weekly Courses

Whether you need help in teaching the basics, you would like to work on special skills or your dog has behavioral issues, we are here to help. :)

Our purpose is to teach you & your dog real life skills through playing games and positive reinforcement. We are not the sit/down/stay/heel type of trainers. We rather teach and enjoy loose leash walking, a dog who is able to lay down calmly in any situation next to us (restaurants, vet, in the park during a picnic,...), having a pup that we can take with us everywhere we want to and they can cope with it without being stressed out.

We always look at the dog in front of us and adjust the plans according to the dog's personality and needs. For example not every dog would feel good in a class setup with all the excitement around if they lack confidence or are afraid of novelty, but they would feel very comfortable to learn alone or around calm adult dogs. So we assess each dog's personality & struggle and make sure to provide the best experience possible to support the learning.

Feel free to get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you or even better, book directly a trial lesson to get to know us and our style. 

Course Prices

  • CHF 40.- / one-off trial lesson

  • CHF 50.- / lesson

  • Package deal, 20% discount:
    CHF 200.- / 5 lessons
    (when booking a 5 lesson package, the trial lesson's CHF 40.- will be deducted)


Group Structures


We love to spend time with all of our students and make sure that everyone is progressing and learning during our lessons.

This is why we limit the number of participants to a maximum of 6.


Training Language:

Right now most of our classes are held in English with a possibility to translate to French or German if needed.


Of course, we aim to be able to offer classes in German too as soon as possible. 


Our group lessons are ideal to:

  • Work on socialization,

  • Boost your relationship with your dog through games, while learning self-control & calmness around other dogs

  • Teach your dog to focus on you around distractions while learning all the basics & necessary life skills that will help you to have a dog who can cope with any situations in all environments. 

We offer different types of group lessons so you can certainly find a course which suits your needs the best.

Course Plan

Kursplanung HbB2021.png

New puppy? We will help you to get the the foundation right, so that you will have a happy and balanced dog.

Puppy Class

Are you a complete beginner to game-based training? Then this class is for you!

Beginners Class

An advanced class to have a bombproof dog that you can take anywhere and with whom you can enjoy amazing & stress-free walks.

Lifeskill Class

Fun fitness class with cool tricks and distance work which will challenge both your dog's mind & body

Mind and Body

Agility is an amazing sport to build a strong relationship between you & your dog.

Agility for Fun

Are you interested in teaching your dog tracking skills or to differentiate between different scents?

Scent Work
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