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How the right SUPPLEMENT can support your Dog’s Brain, Gut, Body and Training…

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Start your journey to Stress-Free Dog Ownership & to Becoming Your Dog’s Health Hero by grabbing one of the Science-Led, Supplement Solution produced by A-OK9.


We are one of the proud Health Hero Partners of A-OK9. Not only have we seen unbelievable changes in our own dogs' behavior and health but also in our clients' dogs. 

One of our favorite supplement is CALM-K9. Whether your dog struggles with:

  • pulling on lead,

  • barking and lunging, 

  • simply being a little overexcited,

  • gut issues - frequent diarrea, 

this supplement helps in all areas as it re-balances the brain-gut-behavior interaction and ensures a long, happy, healthy and stress-free life for your dog (and you!).    

To get more information on the A-OK9 products and their benefits, click here


10% OFF 


* Coupon Code applies to all products, except for the Wellness Box, which has already 33% discount on it!

Wellness Box: you can choose a combination of 3 of any of the K9 wellness supplements - palatable food supplements that support your dog with just a scoop a day. In addition you will also get a K9-Calm Mat lickable treat mat and a Gleam-K9 super absorbent drying towel.

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