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Meet the Team


Hundeschule beider Basel is run by Judit. We are highly qualified Pro Dog Trainers with several years of experience, passionate about dogs. We are keen to keep ourselves up to date with modern training methods and behavioral studies to ensure we are providing the best service we can.

Our goal is to have happy owners and well-behaved dogs who are a joy to be around, who can easily adapt to any situations and who believe it is FUN to work together with their owners.

Our training is not just about teaching behaviors but about growing real life skills. We are eager to show and share the most up-to-date, forward thinking, innovative reward GAMES  based training with you. 

Concept training is a unique style of training where you work on concepts & skills, like confidence, focus, calmness, self-control and many more just by playing fun games with your dog. These skills then will transfer to your every day with your pup and will come super handy in real life situations, like the moment your dog sees a squirrel or another dog or visitors come to your house.

We are one of the few training centers in Switzerland that openly welcomes and invites dogs and owners with behavioral struggles. Through our modern, GAMES & reward based training methods we achieve unbelievable real life results.


Whether you need help in teaching the basics, you would like to work on special skills or your dog has behavioral issues, we are here to help. When you want more than just a standard level of dog training service the right choice for you is us! :)


There is a GAME for every struggle you face!

Judit Klein
Certified dog trainer


+10 years of experience, special focus on dogs with behavioral issues.

"Working with dogs is fascinating. It is a continuous learning opportunity and an exciting challenge to find the solution that matches each owner & dog I am training.
I love every moment of it."


Stephanie Frauchiger
Certified dog trainer


+5 years of experience, special focus on building relationships between humans and dogs.

"As the proud owner of a dog that has been transformed using game-based training, I am excited to share my expertise as I train dogs & owners! I am the kind of person who looks at problems like a puzzle - there is a piece that fits just right, or in this case, a game!"

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