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Private Lessons


We work together with the owners and teach them how to help their dogs and understand them better. We focus on building a stronger relationship between the owner & the dog and turn all their struggles into strengths through playing games. 

We usually recommend for all new joiners to have at least one private session with us even if they would like to join a group class.


This way we can assess the dogs better and help to decide what would be the best fit. Also we can instantly teach the owners the basic games needed for everyday situations and also in the school and we can also handle together all the individual struggles they might face.

At the beginning private lessons are amazing for all dogs, as it is much easier for them to learn in their home environment and it is also easier for the owners as they can better focus on us. ;)

Our private training is ideal for:

  • Owners who have limited availability and need flexibility in the when and where

  • Those who have dogs with behavioral issues: reactivity to dogs/people/bikes/cars/..., lunging, barking, jumping, chasing, fear or worry about things, separation anxiety, lacking confidence, etc.

  • Owners who would like to focus on specific struggles, special situations, socialization needs or with any individual requirements

  • Those who don't have a dog yet, but would like some help to make the right choice

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Private training costs:


Travel costs may apply depending on the location.

We add a +1CHF/km rate for a travel distance of more than 12km from Riehen (back and forth).

Course date

Course length & date: Flexible

Course location

Flexible, depending on your actual requirements. The session could be hold:

  • in your home environment,

  • at the dog school,
    (Dressurverein Basel, Landauerstrasse 79.)

  • out and about, doing a walking training,

  • at a specific requested location

  • via call or even online with video sharing (very very useful with dogs whose behavior is impacted if they are facing an unknown situation or person)

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