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Judit Klein & Eszter Weber


We not only walk and take care of different group of dogs on a daily basis but also run group training classes and workshops to dogs of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We also offer one-to-one training for those who need a more tailored plan.


Hundeschule beider Basel is run by Judit with the help of Eszter. We are both highly qualified Dog Trainers with several years of experience, passionate about dogs. We are keen to keep ourselves up to date with modern training methods and behavioral studies to ensure we are providing the best service we can.


This is how we came across Absolute Dogs and discovered the Pro Dog Trainer Program: an innovative training technique that shapes dog behavior and the choices they make through games-based training. We grow real life skills in dogs, such as focus, confidence, impulse-control and calmness. 


We are one of the few training centers in Switzerland that openly welcomes and invites dogs and owners with behavioral struggles. Through our modern, positive-reward based training methods we achieve unbelievable real life results.


When you want more than just a standard level of dog training service the right choice for you is us! :)

Judit Klein

Certified dog trainer

+10 years of experience, special focus on dogs with behavioral issues.  

"Working with dogs is fascinating. It is a continuous learning opportunity and an exciting challenge to find the solution that matches each owner & dog I am training. I love every moment of it."


Eszter Weber

Certified dog trainer  


"I’ve learned and received so much during the years from dogs and would like to give my knowledge in return to them and to the owners for a happy and balanced relationship with their four legged family member. Understanding your dog is the key and that helps them to understand you."